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Graffiti Melt

Graffiti Melt is formulated to effectively remove existing graffiti from various surfaces without damaging them, while being safe and friendly to the environment year-round. Graffiti Melt is primarily designed to remove paint, ink, crayon and other unwanted substances from both interior and exterior unpainted surfaces. Depending on the surface, Graffiti Melt can be sprayed onto the area, and pressure washed, removing graffiti within minutes. An effective, solution with power washing on surfaces such as brick, concrete, block, stainless steel, aluminum, baked enamels, tile, buildings, walls, benches, sidewalks, public telephones, light poles, lockers, electric & mail boxes.

Sacrificial Coating

Graffiti Melt Coating is a ready-to-use, low odor, "sacrificial" coating used to protect exterior surfaces from graffiti, stickers and atmospheric pollution. Graffiti Melt Coating is composed of water, food grade materials, and, creates a tough barrier without altering the appearance or texture of the treated surface. Once the surface is coated, graffiti can be removed with a hot water pressure washer. Then simply re-apply the coating to the area that has been removed. Designed to protect painted and non-painted surfaces such as brick, concrete, stucco, wood, stone/marble, switch boxes/transformers, street signs, power and light poles, statues, benches, planters, murals, billboards, tile and metal.

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